Biel Company speaking at a meeting of PP mayors last month. | PP Balear


Biel Company, the leader of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, is demanding that President Armengol obtains concrete commitments when she meets Prime Minister Sánchez on Wednesday. "It is more necessary than ever to go beyond the words to deeds."

The meeting should not just be "another photo and a pose before the media". "There are very important issues for the islands." President Armengol has to "press the interests of the Balearic Islands, and so the meeting must serve to reach commitments that will benefit the citizens of the islands".

Company said on Tuesday that Sánchez has to make clear when he intends to approve the fiscal part of the REB special economic regime for the Balearics. This should have come into effect in January. A year and a half after the REB was made official, there is an "REB fraud, which has not contributed a single euro to the islands".

Calculations made by the Partido Popular indicate that for each year that passes without the special tax measures, companies and the self-employed in the Balearics lose out on some 200 million euros.

The PP leader also wants various other commitments from Sánchez: an extension of ERTE until April 2021; a guarantee that the 75% residents' travel discount will not be reduced; and a fairer distribution of the Spanish government's Covid-19 fund to the regions (and the Balearics in particular). In addition, Company is insisting that Armengol "defends the municipalities of the islands" by asking Sánchez not to go ahead with his intention "to confiscate" the savings of town halls.