Palma prison, where two staff members have tested positive. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


On Tuesday, the CSIF public employees union reported that two members of the staff at the prison in Palma have tested positive for coronavirus and that one of the two has been admitted to hospital. With the exception of a prisoner in the women's wing, no inmates have been confirmed as being positive. Results of tests on inmates and staff have yet to be received.

The positive cases led initially to two modules at the prison being isolated. One of these was for minors, which is where one of the two members of staff works. The union says that another module was isolated because an inmate's partner, who had made a conjugal visit, subsequently tested positive. This particular inmate and his cell mate have been isolated from others. Tests are being carried out on all inmates.

The women's wing has also been isolated. This follows a positive test on a prisoner who had gone to hospital. Although subsequent tests in the wing have been negative, it has been isolated until it can be certain that there are no positive cases.

The union has been demanding tighter controls. It doesn't want anyone to be allowed into prisons other than staff. In addition, it wants all staff to be tested before they start work each day and "all necessary protective measures" to be adopted. The CSIF claims that the attitude of the directorate for prisons has meant that there are large numbers of infections in Spain's prisons.