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The Ministry of Health confirmed 2 new coronavirus deaths in the Balearic Islands on Tuesday, taking the total to 233.

Another 235 new Covid-19 infections were also reported in the last 24 hours and there are now a total of 1,545 active coronavirus cases in the Balearic Islands.

155 patients were declared virus free on Tuesday and 3,012 people have beaten the disease.

The Health Service is treating 2,847 Covid-19 patients; 152 are hospitalised, 19 are in the ICU and 2,695 are receiving Primary Care at home.

In Majorca, 139 are hospitalised, 18 are in Intensive Care Units and 2,446 people are receiving care at home.

In Minorca, one person has been admitted to the ICU at Mateu Orfila Hospital and 47 are receiving care at home.

In Ibiza, 12 are hospitalised and 179 are receiving care at home.

In Formentera, 23 people are receiving care at home.

353 Healthcare Professionals are under surveillance; 284 in Mallorca and 69 in Ibiza and 92 are infected with Covid-19; 76 in Mallorca, 1 in Minorca and 15 in Ibiza.

Community Public Hospital Laboratories have performed 159,745 PCR tests, 10,839 rapid antibody tests and 34,712 serologies.

There are 3 active cases at two Nursing Homes in Majorca and all three patients have been hospitalised.

15 Healthcare Professionals tested positive for coronavirus at Nursing Homes in Majorca and 1 in Ibiza. 62 others are in isolation and screenings are already underway at the Nursing Homes. No new fatalities have been reported and the death toll remains static at 91 dead.

In Nursing Homes for people with disabilities in Majorca, one resident and 6 workers have been isolated and 1 Healthcare Professional has tested positive.