An abandoned car in Palma. | Ultima Hora


The issue of abandoned cars in Palma was supposed to be solved at the beginning of this year.

The City Council even introduced a plan to remove them and dozens of vehicles disappeared in a matter of weeks, but since the Covid-19 pandemic began nothing has been done.

Now the end of the summer is approaching and hundreds of cars have been abandoned in streets and plazas all over the city.

Residents are fed up with the situation and have decided to take action. The Son Fuster Nou i Ses Palmeres Residents’ Association has taken to social media to denounce abandoned cars in and around Calle de Aragón.

"What else needs to be done to get them to take them away at once?" they ask.

“It would be better for Palma City Council to be more effective," says another. "Abandoned cars have already been reported, now there are even more and we need a quick response."

The problem is the cars are often vandalised, stripped of parts, then abandoned. In Sa Indioteria the bare chassis of a charred car has been left in a dead-end street near the highway.

A number of abandoned cars have been reported in the streets around Son Ferragut Pavilion and in Son Hugo car park.

In January, Palma City Council labeled abandoned vehicles as hazardous waste and called for their immediate removal.

“Six months later, the reality is very different.” say critics