The first day of school will not be like it was last year. | Toni Planells


Balearic education minister Martí March said on Wednesday that the school year will start as scheduled on September 10, but that it will do so in accordance Scenario B of the ministry's contingency plans. This means that teaching from secondary school second year onwards will be a mix of classroom attendance and remote, online classes.

March explained that schools have three scenarios for the new school year, which will commence with B. There are exceptional circumstances, he noted. "We want there to be the maximum possible attendance, but also the maximum safety. We are asking for the maximum responsibility of everyone and collaboration before the start of a school year, which is going to be complex. The initial idea was to start with Scenario A (normality), but given the epidemiological situation, we have had to move to B. There has to be control of risks."

With the government contemplating possible selective confinement (lockdowns of specific areas), schools have Scenario C for such a circumstance.

For infant, primary and secondary first year, pupils will attend school. This is so long as safety distances can be respected, with reduced class sizes dependent on available space.

For the rest of the secondary level, Baccalaureate and vocational training, classes can be a mix. They can be in person where ratios can be met and safe distancing can be maintained. Remote learning can be on alternate days.

Masks will be mandatory from the first year of primary schooling. There is to be "progressive" admission of pupils from the first day in order to avoid crowding and to be able to teach the rules. There will be a maximum of 150 pupils per day in schools.