The first fines have already been issued for non-compliance with the new regulations in the Balearic Islands.

"The most serious cases have been reports against premises and establishments that repeatedly fail to comply with the regulations,” said a Public Administration Department source.

Fines for violating the Covid-19 regulations range from €100-€600,000, depending on the seriousness of the offence and are processed by the Directorate General of Emergencies.

More than 430 inspections have been carried out and so far, 275 reports have been filed by Government Inspectors, Island Councillors and Police Officers for breaching capacity, ignoring distancing rules or not wearing a mask.

City councils can also process reports raised by Local Police Officers, but most Municipalities have chosen to transfer them to the Government for processing.

Minor violations such as not wearing a mask are being dealt with by Local Police.

The team of people processing acts of non-compliance is made up of officials from Public Administrations and other Ministries.

The Resolution published in the BOIB on Friday states that if the authorities detect non-compliance they must notify 112 Emergency Services who will decide if it’s necessary to mobilise the Police. This provision was originally intended for use by trackers who control isolation and quarantine, but has now been extended to other Authorities.