Jorge Campos of Vox (right). | Teresa Ayuga


In parliament on Tuesday, President Armengol stressed that she is totally against "mafias who traffic people" and those "who use immigration in order to indulge in demagogy".

Responding to a question from Jorge Campos of Vox about migrants arriving in the Balearics, Armengol said that, within the powers that the regional government has, "we will always welcome people who come to these islands, whatever colour they are and whatever their economic status may be".

She continued by observing that responsibility for illegal immigration lies with the Spanish government, but indicated that she will continue to ask for more police officers and an additional bonus for these officers - this bonus being compensation for costs entailed with being transferred to the Balearics.

Armengol reiterated the need for serious and rigorous immigration policies and for international cooperation.

Campos maintained that "slave mafias are operating in the Balearics" and criticised regional ministry of health orders for illegal migrants to be tested, while police and health workers who attend to these migrants are not tested. He also attacked Armengol for "not having had the decency to go to the port in Palma and enquire about this migratory invasion or to show encouragement to the police".