Mobility restrictions were introduced in Arquitecte Bennàssar two weeks ago. | Miquel À. Cañellas


As happened with the Son Gotleu health area in Palma after a fortnight of additional coronavirus measures, mobility restrictions in the neighbouring Arquitecte Bennàssar area are to be lifted. Residents will be able to freely enter and exit the health area as from 10pm on Saturday.

The Arquitecte Bennàssar measures were introduced a week later than in Son Gotleu, where all the other recent additional restrictions will be lifted on Saturday night. The other measures in Arquitecte Bennàssar will remain in place, the regional health ministry saying that although there has been an improvement with the health situation, this is still behind what it has been in Son Gotleu.

Health minister Patricia Gómez observed on Friday that the improvement in Arquitecte Bennàssar has owed much to the "involvement of the citizens" and to the work of neighbourhood associations.

Community intervention, she noted, has been important. Information points have been well received, and public health personnel have gone to nine homes with a total of 32 occupants. A third of these have been referred to social services. In addition, commercial establishments have been visited on 96 occasions, while there have been 21 other actions, e.g. at bar terraces.