Covid test station in Ibiza. | Daniel Espinosa


On Friday, the Balearic health ministry notified 123 new positive cases of coronavirus (93 Majorca, 23 Ibiza, seven Minorca). These resulted from 2,780 tests, giving a positive test rate of 4.42%, which is slightly lower than on Thursday.

There have been 15,078 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic. The latest figure for all recoveries is 12,278, albeit this figure on the health ministry's website is set against a number for all confirmed cases of 14,973. This is probably because the website hasn't been updated, but either way the recovery rate is above 80%.

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The number of "active cases", according to the website, is 2,450. In total, the health service is attending to 3,002 people, a figure which has again fallen. The 2,450 gives an idea of the number of people who are being monitored without having tested positive or who are receiving post-recovery attention - just over 18%.

The ministry reported three more deaths on Friday, increasing the total to 323.

On hospital wards there are 151 patients in Majorca, 31 in Ibiza, and three in Minorca - while the number of patients in intensive care in Majorca has fallen by three to 39. In Ibiza, there is still just the one patient.