Palma Bay, Majorca. | Humphrey Carter


Palma is 25 degrees and mostly cloudy with a light southerly wind and a low of 16.

Winds are gusting up to 40 kilometres an hour in Estellencs and it’s overcast with a chance of showers, a high of 24 and a low of 17.

Five day forecast in Mallorca

Santanyi is 26 degrees with hazy sunshine, a strong southerly wind and a low of 16.

It’s 27 and blustery in Alcudia with a mixture of sunshine and clouds and a low of 17 degrees.

Here’s a look at the weather in real time from our webcam a little bit further south in Son Serra de Marina.

Valldemossa is 24 degrees and cloudy with a southerly breeze, a low of 15 and there might be a shower or two.