In Inca, private security is reinforcing police numbers. | Elena Ballestero


On Thursday, the president of the Felib federation of town halls, Toni Salas, told President Armengol that while mayors agree with the need to apply new Covid restrictions, they are warning that they lack the police manpower to ensure compliance.

Salas and Felib representatives met with the government to learn about the latest measures announced by the health ministry. They did so against the background of growing unease among mayors, who for months have been saying that there is an urgent need to at least have temporary police cover. There are currently three municipalities - Banyalbufar, Estellencs and Costitx - which have no police officers. Inca town hall has turned to a private security company in order to make up for a shortage of police.

Various mayors as well as Felib itself have written to the interior and emergencies directorate and explained problems, such as the "botellón" street drinking at weekends. The director-general, Jaime Barceló, has now sent a letter to mayors urging them to mobilise Civil Protection volunteers. These volunteers, Barceló states, can be directed by respective police forces in making "informative interventions" at large family gatherings, such as anniversaries and baptisms, as well as with "concentrations of young people who meet each weekend for parties and the botellón".

This letter has only increased mayors' unease. They point to the fact that since the start of the pandemic, Civil Protection groups have been involved in tasks that are those of the police.