Santiago Abascal of Vox. | Efe


A new national opinion poll by the DYM Institute shows the Partido Popular and PSOE neck and neck. The PP would win between 107 and 111 seats in Congress, and PSOE between 105 and 109. At the last general election, PSOE secured 120 seats and the PP 89.

There is also a rise in support for Vox, who obtained 52 seats at the 2019 election. This has increased to between 56 and 60 seats. At the opposite end of the political scale, Unidas Podemos (35 seats in Congress) would slip to between 25 and 27. For the centrist Ciudadanos, there is some recovery from the election disaster which saw them lose 47 seats and end up with ten. The poll suggests an increase to between 13 and 16.

The combination of all other parties would be 44 to 46; it is 44 in Congress at present.

While this poll might hint at there potentially being a right-wing coalition (were there to be an election), last week's motion of no-confidence in the Sánchez government, which was raised by Vox, highlighted major differences between the PP and Vox. The motion secured the support of the 52 Vox deputies alone, the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, having launched a blistering attack on Vox and its leader, Santiago Abascal.