Testing in Manacor. | Francesca Marí


The Sunday report from the Balearic health ministry is 153 new positive cases. These compare, for example, with 218 on Saturday and 217 on Friday. The number of tests is lower - 2,515, compared with 3,398 on Saturday and 3,451 on Friday - but the positive test rate is also lower. The 6.08% rate for Sunday contrasts with Saturday's 6.42% and Friday's 6.29%. Of the 153 cases, 121 are in Mallorca, 27 in Ibiza and five in Minorca.

It is perhaps too early to draw any conclusions, but the test rates over the past three days are down on what they were at times last week - almost up to nine per cent at one point.

Where hospital admissions are concerned, the Sunday report is less positive. There has been an increase of eight to 108 in terms of patients on wards in Mallorca. In Ibiza there are six more patients (57 in total). In Minorca the number continues to be one.

In intensive care units, the number for the whole of the Balearics is down by one to 48 - in Mallorca there are 38 patients (one fewer than Saturday), in Ibiza five and in Minorca also five.