'Kaavan' - the saddest elephant in the world. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


A few months ago environmental groups and activists finally managed to secure the release of Kaavan, a sad and lonely elephant that’s been locked up alone for 35 years at Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan.

The animal is overweight, shows signs of malnutrition and has injuries on his legs and feet.

But there's a brighter future ahead because Kaavan is being transferred to a Wildlife Sanctuary in Cambodia at the end of November.

It's a 4,000 kilometre journey and the elephant will be in a special steel cage for the entire time, so vets have been experimenting with music therapy which they will use to keep Kaavan calm during the trip.

"Music therapy and other soothing methods seem to be working well," said Amir Khalil, who supervises the elephant’s medical checks.

Several different artists and songs have been tried, but apparently Kaavan is a big Frank Sinatra fan and his favourite song is ‘My Way” which experts say reduces the elephant’s anxiety and stereotypical behavior caused by years of loneliness and boredom.