Police at Palma squat. | Ultima Hora


A woman who tried to sell an apartment she was squatting in has been jailed for a year for fraud.

The court heard that the victim agreed to buy the property on a private contract for 8,000 euros. She paid 800 euros deposit at the time and another 1,000 euros later which was not documented.

When the buyer didn't pay the balance, the defendant started harassing her and sending her WhatsApp messages demanding that she leave the house. On July 20 last year the defendant showed up at the house and started screaming insults at the victim and being very aggressive. A neighbour intervened to stop them fighting and when police patrol arrived they arrested the defendant.

In court, she argued that there had been no deception and pointed out that the property did not have dwelling status, but the Judge disagreed. She was sentenced to one year in prison and ordered to pay 1,800 euros in compensation to the victim.

The defendant's partner was acquitted due to lack of evidence.