The number of patients in ICU is showing little fluctuation at present. | Miquel À. Cañellas


There not having been any reports over the weekend because of maintenance to the information systems, the regional health ministry advised on Monday that there have been 423 new positive cases - 149 related to Saturday, 173 to Sunday, and 101 to Monday. There isn't information regarding the number of tests and therefore the test rate.

Of these cases for the three days, on Saturday there were 122 in Mallorca, 14 in Ibiza and 13 in Minorca; Sunday, 155 in Mallorca, 13 in Ibiza and five in Minorca; Monday, 100 in Mallorca and one in Ibiza.

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On hospital wards there are currently 211 patients in all - 181 in Mallorca (eight more than Friday), 24 in Ibiza (four fewer) and six in Minorca (one fewer). In intensive care units, the numbers for Mallorca (39) and Minorca (four) are unchanged. There is one more patient in Ibiza, a total of eight.

The ministry has confirmed five more fatalities, making the figure 410 since the start of the pandemic.

In general terms, the cumulative positive test rate is currently 4.4%, while the R number has gone up to 0.97.