High winds in Palma. archive photo. | Carme Fontestad


Palma is 14 degrees and partly, sunny partly cloudy today with occasional sunshine, a cold northerly wind and a low of 7.

It’s 15 in Calvia with winds gusting up to 40 kilometre an hour, scattered showers and a low of 9 degrees.

Here’s a look at the weather in real time from our webcam in Paguera.

Ses Salines is 16 and sunny with moderate-strong winds and a low of 8 degrees.

Alcudia is 15 and overcast with a mixture of sunshine and showers, strong winds and an overnight temperature of 10 degrees.

Five day forecast on the Balearic Islands

It’s 14 degrees, cloudy and wet in Banyalbufar with winds gusting up to 40 kilometres an hour this afternoon and a low of 11.