Air Nostrum plane. archive photo. | M. Torres


Air Nostrum has announced that more flights are being added to its Christmas schedule to make it easier for families to get together for the holidays.

The Airline is adding 176 extra flights and 15,620 seats from December 22 until January 10, which means there will be a total of 66,720 seats on 786 flights to 31 destinations on those dates.

We need to be flexible and adapt to the new circumstances in these uncertain times,” said an Air Nostrum statement.

The company is monitoring market developments and says more flights will be added to meet demand on key days "if necessary.”

Inter-Balearic connections, links between the Peninsula and Melilla and from the Canary Islands to the Balearics make up the bulk of Air Nostrum's operation.


There will be 4 extra flights between Ibiza and Palma and 4 more between Minorca and Palma with a total of 274 flights and 27,400 seats.

An extra 4 flights will be added to the Melilla-Gran Canaria route and 6 to the Melilla-Palma route.

An extra 8 flights will be added to the Melilla-Malaga route making 22 all together.

An extra 12 flights on the Melilla-Madrid route, making a total of 28.

The frequency of services on the Public Service Obligation routes connecting Melilla with Almería, Granada and Seville are unchanged with a total of 224 flights and 16,128 seats on offer.

Links between the Peninsula and the Canary Islands will include flights from Tenerife to Leon, Santiago de Compostela and Valencia and from Gran Canaria to León, Santiago de Compostela, Valencia and Valladolid.

Links from the Balearic Islands will include flights from Ibiza, Minorca and Palma to Valencia and special routes are being added from Ibiza to Alicante, and from Palma to Almería, León and Valladolid.

Security Measures

Air Nostrum has introduced a series of coronavirus measures to ensure the safety of passengers and workers and to comply with the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention& Control.

Cleanliness inside the aircraft has been strengthened with special treatments designed to combat Covid-19 and face masks or FFP2 that cover the nose and mouth are mandatory on all flights. Exhalation valve masks are not permitted onboard.

The air inside the cabin is constantly renewed and air from outside is processed to very high temperature before being released inside.

To minimise the risk of contact, children's magazines, blankets, pillows and drawing notebooks have been removed. The online entertainment platform is still available and has more content, which passengers can access on their own devices and Air Nostrum is advising passengers to log on to and download boarding passes to their mobile phones whenever possible.