Endesa, Palma. | Jaume Morey


At least 13,500 families in the Balearic Islands are eligible for discounts on their electric bills.

Endesa's electric social bond, which takes 25%-40% off electricity bills for large families and vulnerable households, was introduced in 2009 and the regulations were updated in October 2017 and the criteria is now based on income.

The discount for electricity consumption is limited and if that limit is exceeded, the extra will be billed at the normal tariff.

The limit varies depending on the type of household. Big families will get a discount on the first 4,140 kilowatts per hour per year and 1,380 kWh per year for consumers with no dependent children.

The Government has recently expanded the benefits of the social bond because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who are unemployed or furloughed and employers working reduced hours or other similar circumstances which resulted in a substantial loss of income can also apply for a social bonus, but must prove that their income doesn’t exceed the threshold.

These new beneficiaries will get a 25% discount on their electricity bills until June 30, 2021 and after that they can apply for the Social Bond under the usual requirements.

They will also have to renew their application every two years to verify that they still meet the necessary criteria for aid in order to obtain a discount on their electricity bills.

Endesa customers can complete an application online or at the company's office in Avinguda Alemanya in Palma.


Endesa will not cut off the energy supply to any household with socio-economic problems.

The company signed an agreement with the Federació d'Entitats Locals de les Illes Balears, or FELIB in 2014 and families with difficulties should go to Social Services or the Council in their Municipality or entities such as Caritas or the Red Cross who are in charge before contacting Endesa.