Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Commerce & Tourism. | Chema Moya


The Government will approve new measures to support Small and Medium sized businesses and the self-employed in the Tourism, Hospitality and Trade & Leisure Sectors before the end of the year, according to Industry, Trade and Tourism Minister, Reyes Maroto.

He stessed that the Government will continue to take all support and encouragement measures necessary during the pandemic to help the country recover from the crisis.

Minister Maroto said Tourism was one of the Sectors hardest hit by the health crisis and that the Government has launched economic measures and to protect companies and their workers, including the flexibility of ERTE files, ICO guarantees and more than 25 billion euros in public aid to protect the Tourism Sector.

There’s also a 4.2 billion euro incentive plan which includes the development of health security protocols which “are an international benchmark," he said.

National and International campaigns have been launched to promote Spain as a safe destination for tourists and the Government has implemented a 40 million euro training plan for 70,000 Tourism Sector workers.

Spain pioneered the approval of Tourist Corridors to facilitate International travel and has established mandatory diagnostic tests as an alternative to quarantine and mobility restrictions.

1,350 million euros of public money has been included in the general budgets for 2021 to pay for the implementation of the Modernisation and Competitiveness Plan for the Tourism Sector.

"TheGovernment's priority is for Spain to continue to be the most competitive country in the world in terms of Tourism,” said Minister Maroto, “and the budget for 2021 is the instrument to advance the reactivation of the Sector and transform it into sustainable, digital, accessible tourism, inclusively and safely.