The sculptures were installed on Tuesday. | Lola Olmo


Lluc Monastery is a centre of spirituality in Mallorca and Our Lady of Lluc a symbol of hope. For these reasons, artist Joan Bennàssar will be staging an exhibition in Lluc this Christmas.

Entitled 'Refuges of Love and Offering', the exhibition of sculptures and large paintings is being installed in the Plaça dels Pelegrins (Pilgrims' Square) and in other emblematic parts of Lluc. The public is being invited to visit and to reflect on human values.

Joan Bennàssar says that the exhibition is the seed of a larger one that will be called Camí de Lluc. Exhibits will be displayed at stops along the way - Inca, Selva, Caimari - he having the support of the mayors of Inca and Selva and of the prior at the monastery. "At Christmas, families need a place they can visit together, and this is a large space in the open air."

On Tuesday, sculptures arrived from his workshop in Pollensa. They can be viewed from Wednesday. The works are along the lines of those exhibited in the summer on the Calvari steps in Pollensa and at the Torre de Canyamel. They invite reflection about the times we are living through and the crisis of values that humanity has long had to confront and which has been exacerbated by the Covid pandemic.

After the festive period, sculptures will be placed in emblematic settings on the 'Camí de Lluc'. One of these will be the Sant Bartomeu Convent in Inca.