Number of cases continues to rise.

Number of cases continues to rise.

07-01-2021Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

The Balearic government could bring forward in the curfew by two hours as part of new restrictions which may be introduced this week.

At present the curfew is at 10p.m. but the Balearic government is pondering whether to bring it forward to 8p.m. A decision will be taken by the Balearic government on Wednesday.

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why? / Hace 9 months

I feel like these policies are pushing me to the limit of my own existence


andreas / Hace 9 months

and all the money starts to leave Spain, drop by drop.... good luck to Mallorca for the next upcoming years. The government's illogical anti-business anti-social decision sends a straight signal. - "We are an unstable society with an unstable highly bureaucratic and confusing system". Definetly not the place where I will want to invest or spend my money.


margarita / Hace 9 months

The Spanish government wants to keep the corona crisis going so they can continue to get crisis money for years to come.The rate of vaccination is so extremely slow they say it will take about seven years to vaccinate. Plus they don't vaccinate on holidays and weekends. If Spain was in such a state of crisis they would have set up tents and larger spaces to vaccinate as they have done in Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. In sociology they say, you always have to follow the money and then you will find out the why... well there it is. EU money coming into spain to squeeze out all the corona virus checks. A complete corrupt system.


Rich / Hace 9 months

So Francina is this lockdown by stealth or an admission that your past policies are a load bunkum ?


roberto / Hace 9 months

soon enough there will be more suicides. You are taking a fundamental right away from human beings. no human connections have such high health implications, there is tons of research about it.


James / Hace 9 months

Francis - Surely you are referring to the Stalinist past, where walls were built to keep people in and not out. Mass tourism in Spain started long before Franco’s death, .and they came and went as they pleased.


Francis / Hace 9 months

The Franco past lives on here in Spain, the government's authoritative measures are just a mirror of its unresolved past and a direct thread from it's darkness. Goodbye Freedom, Goodbye Europe, Goodbye Spain. We are entering an era of oppression


Alby / Hace 9 months

Hasn’t worked in France where it’s now being brought to 6pm. Another stab in the dark from the government


Zoe / Hace 9 months

The lack of logic here is mind boggling! if anything Food or other essential shopping hours should be extended to avoid overcrowding not vice versa. This is idiocy!


Jason Mahogany / Hace 9 months

I don't understand the logic.

So to avoid transmissions they're bringing forward the already ridiculous curfew to 8PM causing even more congestion in stores as the same amount of people will need to do the same amount of shopping but in even less time?

This will increase spread, not decrease. It seems like the government lacks basic common sense and my 2-year old cousin could make better decisions than them.