Another protest is planned for this coming Friday. | Jaume Morey


Last week's protest by hospitality sector businesspeople and employees has led the national government delegation in the Balearics to propose fines for seven people amounting to 124,000 euros.

One of the seven faces a total fine of 46,200 euros. This is for five offences - three serious (each 15,000 euros) and two minor (both 600 euros). According to the police investigation, this particular individual had a megaphone and was encouraging demonstrators to act against police officers and to enter public buildings. He led the protesters from the government's headquarters to the Balearic parliament, where he lit a flare and again encouraged people to enter the building. At one point, he allegedly threw a stone at the police. On various occasions he insulted police officers, showed them disrespect and made obscene gestures.

The three serious offences are for serious disruption of public safety in front of parliament; causing disorder in public spaces and on roads, leading to serious disruption of public safety; and the use of flares and pyrotechnic materials. The two minor offences are for showing disrespect of the police and for having organised the protest, despite it having been banned.

A person who smashed a window at the parliament building with a stone faces a 30,000 euro fine. Others face sanctions for similar public order offences, although the main organiser, the restaurant proprietor Victor Sánchez, only faces a fine for a minor offence - 600 euros for organising "a concentration of people in places of public transit, despite this having been prohibited".