Care home workers have been among the first to be vaccinated, | Quique García


The reduction in supply of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine because of manufacturing plant alterations to increase production has meant that 3,900 doses of the vaccine have been delivered to the Balearics this week rather than the scheduled 5,850.

The regional health service says that delays to supply will not affect the vaccination programme in the Balearics. The second dose is being given at care homes in Mallorca, while Minorca has sufficient doses in storage and Ibiza will not be starting the second round until next week because an outbreak of the virus has delayed the whole process.

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Pfizer has said that the reduction in supply will last two weeks but that it will compensate by increasing shipments to countries in the EU.

The number of Moderna vaccine doses will increase over the coming weeks. There were 600 last week and the number should now double.

As of Wednesday morning, 16,257 doses of vaccines had been administered: 8,063 for frontline health workers and 8,194 for care home residents and staff. A total of 23,190 had been delivered.