Sebastià Taltavull received the first dose of the vaccine three weeks ago. | Jaume Morey


The Bishop of Mallorca, Sebastià Taltuvall, has issued a statement in which he regrets the "confusion" arising from his having been vaccinated at the Sant Pere i Sant Bernat residence in Palma, despite not being a worker or a resident.

The bishop, who received the first dose on January 5, maintains that he is nevertheless an active user of the residence for retired priests. The Bishopric says that he was given the first dose "like the rest of the residents, and the nuns and employees". "Medical and nursing care are given and routine vaccinations, such as the flu, are administered at the Casal Sacerdotal. In addition, he (the bishop) has undergone all the relevant tests at this centre during the period of the pandemic."

"The bishop regrets the confusion that this situation may have generated and has stated that at no time has there been the slightest intention to act against the protocol established by the health authorities. For this reason, he apologises for any unease that this has caused."