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The CCOO union says that the working class is "defenceless" in the face of "questionable management" by the SEPE state employment service over the past several months.

On Saturday, the union acknowledged that at the start of the pandemic, managing ERTEs was "very hard", as offices didn't have enough staff or adequate instruction from management. In addition, there was a flood of ERTE files in a very short period of time. However, as the months have progressed and staffing levels have increased, there are not the same excuses.

The union maintains that getting face-to-face appointments in order to sort out issues is very difficult and that making contact by phone is "almost impossible". When there is contact, "they don't give a solution". The CCOO has also considered what has been happening with emails, as it is not possible to know if they have been received or acted upon. The union itself has been getting no response when it has been reporting problems related to entire workforces.

"SEPE must respond to workers' claims. Mistakes are being made which are unacceptable. As a consequence, workers are having to wait months until benefits are granted or claims are dealt with. This is on top of having suffered a suspension of work activity and reduced income."

Among other things, the CCOO wants there to be more telephone service lines and more face-to-face appointments by enabling more spaces that meet hygiene requirements.