The Festival of Light show at Palma's Cathedral on February 2, 2021. | Youtube: catedralmca


The Cathedral of Mallorca broadcasted live the Festa de la Llum (light show), the show also known as 'el vuit de la Seu' this morning.

Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to access the interior of the Cathedral to follow this spectacular phenomenon that is repeated twice a year, on February 2 and on the Feast of San Martín on November 11.

However, here you can follow it in streaming (see above).

In February the light show coincides with the Candelaria festival, which is celebrated 40 days after Christmas.

The "eight of the Cathedral" (el vuit de la Seu) at Palma's Cathedral is a phenomenon that is always followed by the spectacularity and explosion of colour that takes place inside the Cathedral from the 1,115 pieces of glass in the main rose window is visible for about an hour.