The three protests have resulted in fines totalling 322,000 euros. | Pere Bota


Victor Sánchez, one of the prime movers behind the Resistencia Balear movement, said on Thursday that he has decided to step aside because fines being faced by himself and others will mean debt for life.

"These protests have created a debt that we will surely never be able to pay. They leave us without resources to be able to continue on a day-to-day basis. In short, they have crippled us."

Sánchez was the organiser of the first protest in January. This attracted some 4,000 people. It went ahead despite the national government delegation having banned it on health grounds. The subsequent two protests were permitted but only as motorised demonstrations. Nevertheless, many people on foot took part.

On social media on Thursday, Sánchez expressed his appreciation for the support he has received. He said that he will continue in a discreet way without the media or a great fuss. "We will continue our day to day, helping as much as we can those who we can."

Fines resulting from the three protests total 322,000 euros.