Travel to Spain.


Britain and Spain are at odds over the so-called vaccine passport which should have made it easier to travel to the Balearics and the rest of Spain. Despite press speculation including an article in The Times last week which suggested that Britain was preparing to introduce the passport, a British minister has poured cold water over the suggestion.

Spain is pushing the European Union for the introduction of the passport. Spain has said it would make travel to Spain easier.

But British vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawissaid over the weekend there were several reasons why vaccine passports would not be introduced, not least because the vaccine was not mandatory in the UK.

"That's not how we do things. We do them by consent," he said.

Zahawi said vaccine passports would be "discriminatory" and it wasn't clear what impact they would have on transmission of the virus.

He said people could talk to their doctor if they needed written evidence to travel.

"Of course you have the evidence that you have been vaccinated held by your GP and if other countries require you to show proof of that evidence then that is up to those countries," he said.