Water consumption slumped in 2020 in Mallorca. archive photo. | Ultima Hora


Emaya’s earnings slumped by 5 million euros in 2020 compared to 2019 because of the reduction in water consumption and the coronavirus pandemic.

The company says the last time consumption figures were lower in high season was in 2009 and in the low season in 2013.

Emaya’s income dropped by 3.8 million euros for water consumption and 1.2 million euros for sewage.

In 2019 Emaya’s income amounted to 25.1 million euros from water consumption compared to 21.3 million euros last year and 7.7 million euros for sewage compared to 6.5 million in 2020.

There was a slight increase in consumption in January 2020 which was more pronounced in February, possibly because of the lack of rain, but from the beginning of the State of Emergency there was a significant decline in consumption. The reduction was most noticeable in June, because by that time in 2019, Mallorca was in full tourist season, whereas in 2020 there was almost no activity. Consumption in June was about the same as it was in the first half of March, before the State of Emergency was declared and during the rest of the high season it was down 12%-17% year-on-year.

Human Pressure

In a normal year there is usually a significant increasesin consumption when the tourist season starts, but last year consumption remained almost stable, with a much lighter rise than usual between May and October.

The percentage increase in human pressure between winter and summer in Palma is not as important as it is in small Municipalities, because the population in the city doesn't change as much.