Camila Soler shows three models of the masks. | Jaume Morey


The demand for FFP2 masks has increased in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera (Minorca has its own cooperative) due to the fact that in other European countries such as France or Germany where they are mandatory but in Spain, they are not

Although there is no specific data on sales in pharmacies, the Balearic Pharmaceutical Cooperative has specified that in January the number of FFP2 masks supplied to pharmacies in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera doubled compared to the previous month. In December, they supplied 192 units, compared to 500 in January.

It should be noted that there are even pharmacies that sell FFP2 masks, because the fear of contagion, especially due to new strains, has forced some people to source the maximum possible protection.

However, the supply of surgical masks has decreased: in December there were 40,950 units supplied to pharmacies and in January 31,700.

And, apart from some countries making the FFP2 masks compulsory, the United States, for example, is recommending that two masks are worn to increase protection and decrease infection levels.