Airlines are said to not be meeting their refunds' obligations. | Archive


The national confederation of travel agencies, CEAV, has highlighted the fact that "numerous airlines" continue to fail to meet the obligation to refund payments for flights that have been cancelled because of the pandemic.

During a meeting with María José Rallo, the secretary general for transport and mobility, representatives made clear that travel agencies have therefore had to make these refunds. This has damaged agencies, whose situation because of the pandemic is "extremely serious".

The confederation said that when the pandemic began, some airlines were offering customers travel vouchers. They were required to do this or give customers the option of refunds.

Isabel Maestre of the AESA aviation safety and security agency (Spain's civil aviation authority) gave an update on claims filed by passengers since the start of the pandemic. She suggested that refunds are being made "quite quickly" but promised to hold a meeting with the airlines to discuss the issue, to which the CEAV will be invited.