President Armengol of the Balearics with Spain's economic affairs minister, Nadia Calviño

Meeting with economic affairs minister, Nadia Calviño, in Madrid on Thursday.

18-02-2021Govern de les Illes Balears

President Armengol and economic model, tourism and employment minister, Iago Negueruela, met Spain's foreign affairs and economic affairs ministers in Madrid on Thursday and called for greater measures to support Balearic businesses affected by the pandemic.

Armengol said that that the ministers were sensitive to the difficult situation facing people and businesses in the Balearics and that they stressed their commitment to working to find the best solutions for a variety of issues. Nadia Calviño, the economic affairs minister, will visit the Balearics shortly and hold talks with business sectors about solvency and liquidity measures.

With the foreign affairs minister, Arancha González Laya, a joint strategy at a European level for the safe reopening of tourism was discussed. This included the proposal for a vaccination passport. Armengol underlined the Spanish government's commitment to ensuring that vaccines are delivered to the Balearics (and the rest of Spain) "on a massive scale" towards the end of March in order to make the vaccination programme go much faster.

The president observed that "it will be important to maintain low incidence rates in the Balearics, to be able to have a high vaccination rate and enable tourists to come to the Balearics and reactivate the economy". She added that, in parallel, there are other measures to ensure safe travel, such as controls at ports and airports.


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Lisa / Hace 8 months

This is all too slow. The Balearic Islands are being destroyed by the virus and the Government appears to be standing to one side and allowing it to happen.

Mass vaccination is the only route out of this disaster.

But the messaging and response on the ground is simply not good enough.


Pedro / Hace 8 months

Why is IB so far behind the rest in getting people inoculated? A lot of lip service but very little progress at all! Are people elbowing their way in and taking priority?