If you are planning on going on a terrace remember only six people per table

If you are planning on going on a terrace remember only six people per table.

11-03-2021BIEL ALIÑO

Under the general agreement between Spain's regions for restrictions over the Easter period (March 26 to April 11), the following will apply in Mallorca:

Social gatherings: These are limited to four people indoors in public places (this principally means bars and restaurants) and to six people outdoors. These are limited to people from no more than two households. Gatherings in private homes are only for people from one household.

Curfew: The 22pm to 6am curfew will remain unaltered.

Hospitality: Bar and restaurant terraces and interiors can open until 5pm. Capacity will be 30%. Maximums of four people per table indoors and six per table outdoors; no more than two households.

Shops: Large stores and shopping centres will be closed on public holidays, except for essential products. They will be open on Saturdays. Capacity will be 50%, the same as for small shops.

Cultural events and conferences: A maximum capacity of 50%. All processions are cancelled.

Sport: Regional competitions for teams in federations will be allowed, as will attendance by members of the public. Limited capacity will apply.

Care homes: There is to be more flexibility for people going out from homes for the elderly and the disabled. Once vaccination is completed, residents can go out. If they are away for more than 72 hours, they will be given a PCR test on return. Otherwise, there is one visit per day.

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Robert / Hace 7 months

How totally irresponsible is Angel Merkel as a European leader who sees infection rates escalating in Germany and enforcing lockdowns and then allowing German tourists to travel to Mallorca where Spanish infection rates are decreasing with only a request not to travel to Spanish islands not an enforced travel ban like the UK has sounds like a political decision not a pandemic based decision this will lead to a surge infections on the islands in few weeks time as it takes around 14 days for effects to be felt from virus transmission shame on you Angel Merkel and all you Germans who travelled for that but of sunshine whilst the Spanish sufferxat home as they are not allowed to travel outside there own regions.


Tom / Hace 7 months

What restrictions !? All german tourist can come Easter but all locals are in heavy restrictions . Believe those deciding are now making it up as they go along with only one goal being business interests before health safety of all on the islands


Brett Dennis / Hace 8 months

How can there be gatherings of 4 inside and 6 outside in bars and restaurants for 2 households and only gatherings at home for 1 household?


Gabriel / Hace 8 months

Did I understand correctly? Football games will be open to the public with limited capacity?