Vacant apartments in Palma. | Ultima Hora


A Jury has been appointed to determine a fair price for empty apartments owned by banks and investment funds when they’re temporarily expropriated by the Government.

Property that’s been empty for two years can be expropriated by the Government for a period of seven years at a price set by the Jury.

The Government has set aside 1.8 million euros to pay for the first 56 empty homes it wants to expropriate from a list of more than 700 vacant homes on the register.

The Jury will consist of Architect, Inmaculada Salom, from the Col·legi d’Arquitectes as President; María Ángeles Berrocal from the Advocacy of the Community; Senior Technical Architects from the Community Santiago Ribas and José Francisco Reynés and Baltasar Nicolau, Technical Architect from the Col·legi d’Aparelladors.