All national travellers will now need a negative test. | J. Sevilla


From Thursday (March 18), all passengers arriving in the Balearics from elsewhere in Spain will need to present proof of a negative PCR test prior to travel. Until now, this has only been a requirement for people coming from regions with a 14-day cumulative incidence of greater than 100. The requirement will be in force until April 11.

All passengers will have to fill out a health control form in the same way as foreign passengers have to. The form is available at Once completed, it will generate a QR code to be presented at health control. This form includes passenger information, health information and reason for travelling.

The regulations distinguish between three groups of passenger - those without justified reason to travel, those with justified reasons, and residents of the Balearics. Passengers without a justified reason and without a negative test will be liable to a fine of 3,000 euros and will need to have an antigen test at the airport (or port).

Those with justified reasons have to explain these on the form and present a negative test taken within 72 hours of travel. Alternatively, they can make an appointment for a PCR test on arrival at a Covid Express facility or have an antigen test at the airport or port. The other option is to quarantine for ten days.

For residents, the conditions are basically the same as for passengers with justified reasons. They will be offered a PCR test free of charge before travel. The Balearic government has arrangements for this at 220 centres in Spain. Residents who left the Balearics no more than 72 hours before returning do not need to have a test. The same applies to goods drivers, plane and ship crews, and sportspeople who take part in federated competitions. Children under the age of six are also excluded.