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Controls for domestic travellers are "exhaustive".

20-03-2021Daniel Espinosa

Vicenç Vidal of Més, who is a senator representing the Balearics, has demanded that the Spanish government ends the random control of PCR tests for foreign travellers.

Vidal has expressed his "absolute outrage" at the fact that the exterior health service "only randomly controls the supposedly mandatory PCR that is required of all passengers on international flights that land in the Balearics".

The senator points to controls of national travellers arriving in the Balearics being "exhaustive and correct". These are carried out by the regional health service; all travellers from Spain now need to present a negative PCR test. However, "the same cannot be said for the control of international flights by the exterior health service". "It's deplorable."

He advised the national minister of health, Carolina Darias, "not to play with the lives and health of the citizens of the Balearics". "Strict control is necessary in order to validate that all citizens with non-Spanish passports who get off planes in the Balearics are carrying negative PCR test results."

"It is amazing that, for months, Madrid has made it appear as if it requires negative tests from all foreign visitors when, in reality, the actual control has been totally inefficient."


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Pedro / Hace 10 months

What a disgrace. Are we to get any protection at all?


Roger / Hace 10 months

It comes to something when even some of the politicos on the same of the political fence start realising that there are some major blunders being made, and all credit to him for speaking out. Many conclusions can be drawn but I think it further points to the submissive mentality of those currently in power towards the big tour operators and airlines...and just as worrying is that they don't see how their decisions may impact on tourism through the rest of the year and more importantly on the local population that they will be looking for votes from at the next election...almost unbelievable (but not really at this stage)!!