General view of Puerto Soller

General view of Puerto Soller.

23-03-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic Ib-Salut health service has detected outbreaks of coronavirus, of up to 15 people, in the municipalities of Inca and Soller in recent weeks, linked to contact sports.

Most of these outbreaks are of the British variant, the Balearic spokesperson for infectious diseases, said today.

Arranz pointed out that the outbreaks detected in Mallorca are significant, involving more than 15 people, and in many cases they affect different municipalities.

He also sent a message of "certain tranquility" because "as there are few cases we can better track and control them."

However, he warned that "when we begin to have major outbreaks and in different places, we are faced with the danger that community transmission will appear with explosive growth."


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Lisa / Hace 10 months

Well with a vaccination rate of 3.31 per cent (lowest in Spain) what do they seriously expect?

I’ve been watching the figures and they have hardly moved for days. What’s happened to the vaccination roll out? All I’ve heard from friends is that appointments have been cancelled.

The opposition leaders and media should be pushing for a full enquiry. But what happens? Mallorca opens it’s airport to German tourists. Oh, and cruise ships will be returning to Palma from May. Yep, full of tourists picking up all types of Covid variations from ports across Europe.

With this approach Mallorca could end up being the Covid black spot of Europe.

Not a clever approach. All the marketing films in the world will not erase that accolade.


Jon / Hace 10 months

Don't worry,Playa De Palma is next!