The goal is to reduce the mobility of residents in the coming weeks

The goal is to reduce the mobility of residents in the coming weeks.

23-03-2021Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

This Friday, all non essential travel, including leisure breaks, between the Balearic Islands will be banned to reduce the mobility of residents over the coming weeks.

The perimeter closure of the four islands entails the prohibition of traveling between islands unless it is for justified reasons, such as caring for family members or work reasons. This measure seeks to reduce mobility as much as possible and stop the increase in infections.

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Ana Lopez / Hace 10 months

How come our dear Balearic government and Spanish government wants to open the borders free for other countries, but discriminate their own people?! If infection rates are so low as they’ve been saying to forgeign tourism, surely it must be ok to travel freely within Spain as well? Also I find it very strange that shopping malls are allowed to be open, and it’s ok to buy food in big places like Carrefour - but you are once again not allowed to eat inside a restaurant????! Then we have the curfew. Is Spain going back in time and want to re-create fascism a la Franko style ?


Lisa / Hace 10 months

And yet planes full of German tourists can arrive - from a country with a far far higher Covid rate.

On what planet is this a considered approach????