Most vaccines are being administered at the mass vaccination centres. | Gemma Andreu


The vaccination programme in the Balearics continues to be slow. As of March 24, 37,460 people had received two doses; in Mallorca 30,313. The total number of doses administered on the islands was 129,772. There has so far been immunisation (two doses) of slightly under four per cent of the adult population. The percentage often quoted for vaccination can be a bit misleading if it factors in the entire population. Even so, the percentage is far from high.

The mass vaccination programme can clearly only be properly rolled out if there is mass supply. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is due to be delivered some time soon and so assist the programme, but for most of the population it is a waiting game to find out when they will be called for an appointment.

The vaccination started at the end of December. During January, priority groups were vaccinated - residents of care homes and workers; frontline health workers. They all received the Pfizer vaccine.

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From February 18, the programme was extended to all health and social care workers plus various professional categories - teachers, the state security forces are among them. With the AstraZeneca vaccine now approved for people up to the age of 65, this is the vaccine being used for these categories. The Pfizer vaccine is predominantly for the over-80s at present.

IB-Salut is contacting people in order to give them appointments. These are typically at the mass vaccination centres, but there is also vaccination at health centres for certain groups.

As to the general age groups waiting to be vaccinated, those from 60 to 69 and from 70 to 79 are next on the schedule, but no start date has yet to be given. Vaccination of people aged 55, which was halted because of the suspension of the use of AstraZeneca, has started and people are being contacted. They are in Group 9 (45 to 55).

As to the third phase for the rest of the population, the groups have yet to be defined.