Sascha Winkel (to camera) has led the investigation. | RTL


A German news and magazine TV show, Menschen, Momente, Geschichten, which airs on RTL in Germany, has exposed a German doctor in Mallorca who has been issuing negative PCR test certificates without carrying out a test.

An investigation by journalist Sascha Winkel explains that coronavirus testing centres in Mallorca for German visitors returning to Germany are being overwhelmed. Any tourist who tests positive in Mallorca is obliged to stay in a hotel for a quarantine period - the Meliá Palma Bay is being used for this purpose.

Winkel's report points to a German family doctor in Mallorca who has been issuing negative test certificates without actually performing a test. "Therefore, even holidaymakers who are affected by coronavirus can return to Germany by plane."

The price of the certificate is 80 euros. "Anyone can get it without undergoing the PCR test. Even with a certified date of someone's choice."

The doctor, who is not identified and appears with a distorted image in the report, has not commented on the accusations. He was recorded with a hidden camera; an RTL reporter was issued with a certificate by the doctor without being tested. The report also has German tourists who confirm the allegations.