Maria Jesús Montero, the Spanish government's spokesperson. | Zipi


Maria Jesús Montero, the Spanish government's spokesperson, said on Monday that the intention continues to be that the state of alarm will end on May 9. If there were to be an extension, she added, this would be what experts recommend. It would not be because of pressure from the regions.

Montero reiterated that it is not necessary to reform any legislation to allow regional governments to deal with the pandemic once the state of alarm ends. "There is already ordinary legislation that enables them to decree very limited local suspension of fundamental rights in some situations, so long as this is validated by the courts."

She stressed that extension or conclusion of the state of alarm is guided by the advice of experts, who "are advising the government on a day-to-day basis in making decisions that save lives". "It is not a question of regions applying pressure. The application of legislation will make it possible for regional governments to set in motion control of mobility."