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The second edition of the eMallorca Challenge will be held on June 3, 4 and 5, 2021. This time some new initiatives will be added, such as the eMallorca Challenge Forum, which is a two day debate platform featuring National and international speakers.

The eMallorca Challenge Virtual Fair will complement the conference with exhibitors and virtual proposals from entities and companies related to the topics discussed.

This project aims to give brands and companies more visibility through their participation in the eMallorca Challenge Virtual Fair and their attendance at the eMallorca Challenge Forum. Its main objective is to promote sustainable companies in an adequate framework aligned with their communication interests.

The 2nd edition of the eMallorca Challenge will feature a virtual fair and a forum

At the 1st eMallorca Challenge which took place last December, the main sustainable vehicle dealers in Mallorca showed their commitment to the future.

The repercussion of the event was welcomed by numerous media who echoed its dissemination. A 25-minute summary programme about the event was broadcast on national television channels such as ThegaregeTV on Movistar, the Asturian regional station, TPA as well as international television channels, particularly in Latin America. It was also broadcast in English on European channels and on YouTube.

In February, six chapters showing everything that happened at the event were broadcast on Fibwi.

In the 1st eMallorca Challenge sustainable mobility and technology in the Automotive Sector were the undisputed protagonists. This initiative arose from the need to channel products and services from the main productive sectors and the main objective was to give visibility to sustainability through cutting-edge technologies, answer consumers’ questions and learn about the development of this commitment to sustainability first hand.

The eMallorca Challenge is a multidisciplinary project that aims to give space to all the actors present as far as mobility is concerned and where the protagonist is the environment.

Another aspect of this initiative is projecting and disseminating the importance of the tourism and primary sector.

The 2nd edition of the eMallorca Challenge will feature a virtual fair and a forum

The eMallorca Challenge tests, which were held on December 11 and 12, were divided into regularity and link sections. The participants carried out a route through different parts of the island, enjoying the most spectacular landscapes in Mallorca and taking part in various activities and native product tastings. In addition, the public were able to see the vehicles in the municipalities visited.

Amongst the participants in the 1st eMallorca Challenge there were well-known faces, such as the German driver Helmut Kalenborn, who said: “what we have verified with these tests is that hybrid and electric cars have a lot of capacity. They are certainly the future. The world of sports was also represented with the participation of Mavi García, world medalist in duathlon; Mario Mola, triathlon world champion and Marc Horrach, Spanish TR3 trial champion. Renowned chefs, Andreu Genestrea and Koldo Royo and international artist René Mäkelä were also in attendance.

The conferences also enjoyed institutional support. Mobilitat Minister, Marc Pons, defined Mallorca as “a leading island in the environmental, technological and energy revolution that is taking place globally.”

The General Luque headquarters in Inca was the base of the 1st edition

The Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, assured that “the future is here and we did not hesitate for a second when they asked us to participate in the event. We will always be on the side of this type of initiative and we want it to have continuity in Inca.”

New initiatives include a discussion forum and an eMallorca Challenge Virtual Fair.