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Margaret Whitakker, one of the island´s most successful businesspeople who is making big investments at her Son Amar entertainment centre on the outskirts of Palma, has been barred from entering Mallorca from Britain because of red-tape and senceless legislation. In her letter received by the Bulletin she outlines this ludicrous state of affairs.

Dear Editor,

Many of your readers are interested in knowing when we will be reopening the new family restaurant with its huge Disney-style playground - the Kingdom of Alcazár. And we have made a sizable investment in the much awaited secret garden and events space, Edén, which brings something new, unique and world class to Mallorca and, of course, the theatre and the new show Exhibit, featuring several world-famous artists from Cirque du Soleil. Of course our events business for private and corporate events, conferences and conventions is ongoing.

We have been attempting to re-enter Palma for many weeks now. As you know we have been a major employer in Mallorca for almost 60 years, until this pandemic hit. We have been awarded for our service to tourism for our 50th anniversary in 2013. We have continued to invest heavily in Son Amar in an attempt to future-proof it against further disasters outside of our control.

Our first application was to attend an appointment with the immigration department in Palma and that was rejected.

Our next was to be able to get back to work at Son Amar. As you can imagine there is much to do and only so much can be achieved over Zoom calls!

We are told that the border force are demanding a letter of permission from the British Embassy and without this they will continue to reject our applications. This is a Spanish tightening of the existing rules and the British Embassy assures us that it is not within their power to intervene on these matters and it has nothing to do with them.

To be clear, from the UK's side, we have the right to leave the UK to attend our business in Mallorca. We should have the right to attend urgent essential business in Mallorca and the border force's reason for the rejection makes no sense to us at all.

I urge you to let your readers know that unlike some others, we are doing our very best to enter openly and legally and believe we most certainly have a duty, as well as a right, to do so.

Kindest regards

Margaret Whittaker OBE

House of Son Amar 2021