Tourists on Palmanova beach

Tourists on Palmanova beach.

28-04-2021M.A. CAÑELLAS

The Balearic govenment is desperate to get on Britain's "green list" which would allow easier travel to Mallorca and the other islands once international travel resumes in the UK.

Balearic president Francina Armengol called on the British government to look at the number of coronavirus cases per island rather than the region.

Minorca which is hugely popular with British tourists has had a lower incidence than Mallorca and Ibiza. Mallorca also has far fewer cases than places on the mainland

British Ambassador has told the Balearic government and authorities that there is no guarantee of Balearics "green list" differential treatment.


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Paul / Hace 7 months

So after the public enduring the restrictions imposed on us, some obviously quite ridiculous Being told if we did as we were ordered the summer would be ok. They’re going to let us down with there part of the bargain, and leave us mostly unvaccinated.


Johnb / Hace 7 months

I thought the lists(green,amber,etc) is done by Country and not region? So the gov when the time comes, will see the rest of Spain is not ready for Green yet.


Paco / Hace 7 months

Spain needs to leave the EU and then it can make its own decisions and not rely on the corrupt and inefficient EU. Nobody from the UK will want to visit Majorca this year until your vaccination levels have caught up with those of the UK. So dream on and hopefully you will have a tourist season in 2022. However once Brits have broken with tradition and found new places to go it will be hard to win them back and now free of the EU many Brits will prefer to spend their holidays in Commonwealth countries where we are all the same big family.


john / Hace 7 months

and he is right. don't trust christina.


James / Hace 7 months

Perhaps the UK govt should look at case per Village as well. Should people be allowed to come from Britain to, for example, Sant Joan, where there are no cases but not be allowed to visit Palma? Get real. Spain is Spain. France is France. UK is UK. Get vaccinated, Stop blaming the UK and we do come back, if we do come back stop complaining about us being there. For my part I think Brits should spend the money given to them by the UK government, in the UK. That is probably why The foreign office will be slow at allowing free travel this year.


tom / Hace 7 months

No wonder the rest of Spain don't think to highly of the Balearics, as it seems to be always asking for more money from Madrid and exceptions to the rules compared to the rest of Spain. Wake up call- The rest of Spain dome care about three small islands in the Med.


Lisa / Hace 7 months

But sadly the islands vaccination program is appalling.

Perhaps taking positive action on this issue, rather than begging would be more productive?

Or beg Spain for more vaccines, so that hospitality staff and locals can be protected from tourists - thus lowering the risk of yet another serious infection outbreak and subsequent lockdown.

In a troubled and crowded tourism market- confidence is key.

Just a thought.