American flag & Union Jack. | Reuters:Mike Blake


Air traffic between the UK and America is likely to restart in June and connections between Europe and the US are could get underway in June or July according to Eurocontrol Director General, Eamonn Brennan.

He’s predicting that the US will be added to the UK’s ‘Green’ list next month, but admitted that Washington might not reciprocate immediately.

“The US and UK have a similar vaccination level so a corridor will most certainly open between the US and UK,” said Brennan during a CAPA Centre for Aviation online summit. “Long haul traffic to the US will probably resume with the UK in June, but the rest of Europe might lag a little behind.”

Brennan also said that the resumption of long-haul traffic to and from Europe is a long way off.

“For China and the rest of Asia we’re looking at November and for Australia there will be nothing until the end of the year at least.”

Speculation is rife over which countries, if any, will be added to the ‘Green’ list and which ones will make the cut changes every day.

The opening of air corridors between the UK and the US could lead to renewed connections between the EU and the US, which would be great news for Americans who live in Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands.