Francina Armengol in parliament on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey


President Armengol stated on Tuesday that "we are vaccinating at an extraordinary pace" and that the Balearic Islands are capable of administering as many vaccines as are received.

Speaking in parliament, the president praised the vaccination effort and health personnel involved in it. This week, she observed, some 60,000 vaccines will arrive, and these will allow the Balearics to maintain the "good pace".

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With 32.3% of the target population having received at least one dose and 14.1% having had two, Armengol denied that the Balearics is the region with the lowest vaccinated population. She added that the islands receive doses of vaccine "proportional to the target groups".

"We are now close to leaving this terrible tunnel," the president told Marc Pérez-Ribas of Ciudadanos, who questioned the government's optimism regarding the rate of vaccination. He observed that some 610,000 doses will have to be administered over the next three months in order to immunise 70% of the population by mid-August, as has been promised by Prime Minister Sánchez. The regional government, Pérez-Ribas insisted, needs to demand more vaccines than are being delivered.