The Balearic High Court has to approve the curfew extension. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The chief prosecutor in the Balearics, Bartolomé Barceló, says that the Prosecutor's Office is again opposed to an extension to the curfew. The Balearic government's intention is to maintain the curfew until at least June 6, but with the later start time of midnight. The Balearic High Court has to approve the next extension (from May 23) and other measures, one of which - a limitation on the number of people who can gather socially - the Prosecutor's Office also opposes. The High Court has until Friday to approve (or not) the government's latest extension.

Barceló's arguments are the same as they were when expressing opposition to the extension once the state of alarm concluded. They are to do with the defence of the rights of citizens. "We are fulfilling our function. It's up to the courts to decide."

The Prosecutor's Office didn't in the end go ahead with appealing the extension that was approved by the High Court on May 6. This time, the matter may well be referred to the Supreme Court in Madrid.