Uncontrolled feeding is prohibited. | Josep Bagur Gomila


Uncontrolled cat colonies in Manacor are provoking numerous complaints from residents. They say that strays cause damage to their homes and businesses and that there are health issues near to houses and schools.

One resident has advised the town hall that he had to empty his water tank because of cats roaming around on the roof. By schools, there are cat feeding points, which are prohibited, and parents are warning that there are rats and fleas.

The old Majorica site attracts numerous cats, and people put food out for them. There are several containers with food and water, and meat is on the ground. On the Carrer Miquel Servant, there is another old site, where someone puts out food and water every day.

Away from the centre of Manacor, residents in the Sa Torre area of Porto Cristo say that there is a "plague" of stray cats in wooded areas. There are also rats, which get into people's houses.

At the most recent council meeting, a resident asked the administration to clean up the Majorica site and to solve the problem of cats and rats. It was noted that the site is privately owned, but the complaints were duly noted. These were not the first that the town hall has received about the proliferation of cat colonies.