Two judges have again opposed the curfew. | Marcelo Sastre


The Balearic High Court has endorsed the Balearic government's two-week extension of the curfew, which will take it up to June 6 and be from midnight to 6am. As with the previous court decision, two of the five judges disagreed with the granting of the curfew.

Other government measures have also been approved - limiting numbers who can gather socially, health controls for people arriving at Balearic ports and airports from other parts of Spain, and capacity controls for places of worship.

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With regard to travellers from elsewhere in Spain, they will not have to present a negative PCR if they are from regions with a 14-day incidence of 60 or less and nor will they need to present a test if they have been vaccinated at least once; a first dose will need to have been administered at least fifteen days prior to arrival. As for the incidence of 60 or less, only one region currently qualifies, and that is Valencia, where the 14-day rate as of May 19 was 29.34. The north African city of Ceuta has the lowest incidence of all - 14.25.

The Prosecutor's Office, which is opposed to the curfew, may well decide to appeal this latest extension to the Supreme Court in Madrid.